What does Jack the Ripper have to do with the REAL Colney Hatch?

I’m a big believer in synchronicities–defined by Merriam Webster as “ the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.” So many synchronicities have occured while writing The Secret of Kolney Hatch. You’ve already heard that after I completed my first draft of the novel (Kolney Hatch was then called Colney Hatch), I learned that there was in fact a real Colney Hatch…in England. But now a new synchronicity has surfaced…and it has to do with Jack The Ripper. 

While I was researching London, and trying to think of scary elements for my novel, I naturally came across Jack The Ripper. I’d definitely studied a little about him before, and understood that he was the basis of some Alfred Hitchcock movies. After reading a little about Jack the Ripper, I moved on, studying the British Medical Journals of actual case-studies of admitted patients into asylums in London and Scotland in the 1920’s. (P.S. I had nightmares about some of them.)

Recently, while looking for fun things to post about the real Colney Hatch Asylum, I came across a forum post by author Robert House (who wrote a book about Jack The Ripper), and I saw that Aaron Kosminski, who was said to be Jack The Ripper, was admitted to Colney Hatch! And, on this forum, Robert posted photos of the real patients and patient logs. So I am re-posting these, plus the link to the forum, so everyone can see! So creepy. 

And here is the link to the forum where Robert House posted more photos! 





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