We Rise By Lifting Others- Robert Ingersoll

One of my favorite quotes is by a man named Robert Ingersoll. I love this quote, “We rise by lifting others” because I believe that while it is important to promote ourselves with everything we have, it is also important to help others in the process. If we can put ego and competition aside and see success is available to all, even if people are pursuing the same dream as us, then we not only lift and help them with their dreams, but our success comes easier also. The exchange of energy is positive, beautiful, and genuine. This kind of help does not include us taking away from our own needs…it is in addition to our needs. Never down yourself just because someone may appear to be doing better than you. Instead, realize success and abundance is available to all; have confidence in the work you do, and help others achieve their goals as you achieve yours.  

Also…Have a great day. Don’t give up! 🙂

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