Self-Publishing Tips: Invest in a Professional Design Program

This is going to be a short blog post for those of you out there who currently self-publish your books or are thinking about self-publishing. I highly recommend you invest in a professional program such as Adobe InDesign.

I realize that many people who choose to self-publish do not have a large budget to play around with, but I promise investing in a program like this one (once you get the hang of it) will save you from a large headache later on when you are ready to submit your project. Here are the reasons I suggest you use this program.

1. Eliminates PDF problems for Interior Reviewers like CreateSpace.
If you’ve published on platforms like CreateSpace, you know the interior reviewer can cause the most trouble. The illustrations are sometimes out of the margins, the fonts aren’t embedded, etc. You spend more time trying to correct these problems, uploading, looking at it, fixing it, and then uploading again. Programs like Adobe InDesign eliminate this issue.

2. Page Numbering and Headers
This program makes it easy to use page numbers and headers. All you need is to watch a YouTube Video (in fact, the one I found most useful is this one: ) and you will be creating an incredibly professional layout easily and effortlessly.

3. What You See is What You Get

As I said before, this program is very to the point. You will have to carefully bring your book over piece by piece and that does take some time, especially if you have a long novel, but once it is done, you can easily convert it to a PDF, and when you upload it to the Interior Reviewer, there are no “surprises.” Pay now, or pay later.

These are just a few reasons why I love this program and I highly suggest it. Feel free to email me at if you have any formatting questions!


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