Pursuing Dreams-Make Them Happen- October 29th, 2014

Today’s positive quote of the day is: “The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.” (Thanks to Kimmie S.  for posting this meme on her instagram.) I’m not sure who said/wrote this quote, but I will say I don’t believe there is a truer statement. 

People will often say don’t give up on your dreams, but I think for a lot of us, external circumstances make us feel as though pursuing our dream isn’t possible, practical, and in some cases seems selfish. It is awful hard to pursue a passion when we’re holding ourselves back. In some cases, we listen to others who tell us what we can and cannot accomplish; most people will say how difficult a certain path is, or how most people won’t make it in that field. We listen to these people, allow their pessmistic words to infect our dreams. Ultimately, though, we are the ones responsible for not making our dreams happen. We have the choice to believe and listen to others who try to bring us down or to politely disregard their words and continue on our pursuit.

In my opinion, pursuing a dream is a lot like training to be a warrior. At first, it seems impossible. Then when we give it a try, we want to do it so badly, but it seems really difficult. We must perfect and learn our skills. We must learn patience, mindfulness, and to not take things personally. Like some warriors learn to walk on hot coals and feel no pain, we must learn to feel nothing when somone rejects us.  When someone slights us, hurts us, or tries to kill our dreams, we feel no pain. When we fall or fail, instead of giving up, we learn to get up and do it again, better, faster, and with more accuracy. We must keep pushing with a “no other option” policy. We have no time for a Plan B. Plan A is the only option. And soon, before we know it, we are accomplishing our dreams, doing things others thought we never could, or more accurately, things they thought they never could. Some people will still try to down us, but others will want to know how we did it. They will look to us, be inspired by us and will lift themselves as we lift ourselves. 

The point is…we all have dreams and passions. The “hustle” is what makes us different. To me, the “hustle” is the pursuit of the dream relentlessly, with no Plan B, and no negativity…only the idea that this dream will come true. 

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