I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside (Book One in the Rescue Cat Series) FREE SHIPPING


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Book One in the Rescue Cat Series.

This short rhyming tale tells the woes of a cat whose family adopts a stray cat from outside.

For children and cat-lovers of all ages, this story teaches the concepts of love, kindness, friendship, adoption, and acceptance.

The book also has coloring book pages. While it is a first grade reading level book, all readers will enjoy the humorous pages of this small tale. A portion of the proceeds of each book is being donated to the rescue cats Stefani Milan and her family care for.*

*Stefani Milan and her family, the owners of Crystal Mystic Healers, participate in rescuing animals. In 2014, they began trap, neuter, and release abandoned stray and feral cats. But that wasn’t enough. They decided to rehabilitate and care for the animals so they would be able to be adopted. Stefani wrote the Rescue Cat series as a way to help the cats she and her family care for. A portion of the proceeds of both the books, puppets (coming soon), and handcrafted key chains are donated to the cats for food, vaccine costs, fixing costs, toys, blankets, beds, treats, and more. You can see where your donations go by visiting out Facebook page, The Rescue Cat Series. This is not an official charity and not tax deductible.


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