Oh, the Stories You Will Write FREE Introduction, Contents, and Chapter ONE

Let’s Get This Thing Rolling.

This blog post is my first. I really could not think of what I wanted to write about. I did just release a new children’s book called I Think I Like You, Cat. It is the second book in the Rescue Cat series. I will write more about that later, but the short version is, my family and I rescue, fix, train, and adopt out abandoned, stray cats. We’ve adopted out 21 cats so far. The Rescue Cat series is a way to help the 17 we still are feeding, training, and loving as we donate 50% of the proceeds to caring for the cats. There are two books in the series so far. I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside was the first one.

One of my favorite feelings is when one of the cats, after a long hard road of building trust with us and learning that they are provided and cared for, is adopted. What an amazing feeling that is, to watch that now tamed, loving kitty, enter a furrever home! One of the things I’ve learned from this experience is that cats do not trust immediately, but they are a lot like humans. They build trust over time. And once they do trust you, they truly appreciate you. They understand what you’ve done for them. I’ve raised kittens from birth, and they’re so sweet, but a rescued cat, and I’m certain rescued animals in general….they know. They know what you’ve done, and they love you because of it.

Anyway, this blog post was just to “get this thing rolling.” I’ll have much more to share soon!

-Stefani 2-13-2017

Oh, the Stories You Will Write FREE Introduction, Contents, and Chapter ONE

Self-Publishing Tips: Invest in a Professional Design Program

This is going to be a short blog post for those of you out there who currently self-publish your books or are thinking about self-publishing. I highly recommend you invest in a professional program such as Adobe InDesign.

I realize that many people who choose to self-publish do not have a large budget to play around with, but I promise investing in a program like this one (once you get the hang of it) will save you from a large headache later on when you are ready to submit your project. Here are the reasons I suggest you use this program.

1. Eliminates PDF problems for Interior Reviewers like CreateSpace.
If you’ve published on platforms like CreateSpace, you know the interior reviewer can cause the most trouble. The illustrations are sometimes out of the margins, the fonts aren’t embedded, etc. You spend more time trying to correct these problems, uploading, looking at it, fixing it, and then uploading again. Programs like Adobe InDesign eliminate this issue.

2. Page Numbering and Headers
This program makes it easy to use page numbers and headers. All you need is to watch a YouTube Video (in fact, the one I found most useful is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUWaMONaxyQ ) and you will be creating an incredibly professional layout easily and effortlessly.

3. What You See is What You Get

As I said before, this program is very to the point. You will have to carefully bring your book over piece by piece and that does take some time, especially if you have a long novel, but once it is done, you can easily convert it to a PDF, and when you upload it to the Interior Reviewer, there are no “surprises.” Pay now, or pay later.

These are just a few reasons why I love this program and I highly suggest it. Feel free to email me at stefanimilanauthor@gmail.com if you have any formatting questions!


Oh, the Stories You Will Write FREE Introduction, Contents, and Chapter ONE


I’m thrilled to announce the release of my newest book, Jeppy and the Trash King! This is a children’s chapter book for 2nd-4th grade. When Jeppy Plastic is separated from his family and friends during a storm, he finds himself at the dangerous Trash Row, ruled by the infamous trash king. When Jeppy learns the trash king is not who he claims to be, Jeppy and his new friends must find a way to escape and prevent the trash king from carrying out his evil plan.

This book encourages children to recycle and brings in the themes of love, friendship, bravery, and green living. I’m excited to give a signed copy to one lucky winner! Enter below beginning November 7th, 2016!


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Jeppy and the Trash King by Stefani Milan

Jeppy and the Trash King

by Stefani Milan

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Oh, the Stories You Will Write FREE Introduction, Contents, and Chapter ONE

The Secret of Kolney Hatch is FREE on Kindle April 9-10th on Kindle

To further celebrate the release of the sequel, and because of the great response from last month’s free promotion, we are offering The Secret of Kolney Hatch FREE on Kindle from April 9-10. And if you love the book, grab the sequel, Kolney Hatch: Buried Secrets for just $2.99 on Kindle!




NEW RELEASE! The Land of the Past–Teaching Past Tense | Book One | Doubling the Last Consonant

New Release! Now available on Kindle. Monday, Feb. 29, 2016, available in print! FEBCOVERNEWCThe Land of the Past Teaching Past Tense |Book One | Doubling the Last Consonant

With “ed” as their magical guide, words travel through time from the Land of the Present to the Land of the Past in this fun and engaging book that helps students creatively learn the rules of simple past tense .
The Land of the Past is a teaching tool for students learning the many rules of past tense. Book One focuses on the rule of doubling the last consonant. The back of the book includes two activities for teachers to use to help reinforce the lesson.
The idea for this book was developed by Lauren Milanese, a second grade elementary school teacher. She came up with the idea of “ed” for her students to help them remember the more difficult past tense rules and found that they responded very well. She teamed up with author, Stefani Milan, who writes children’s books and new adult books. Stefani had tremendous fun creating a colorful rhyming story to engage students using Lauren’s idea. Matt Williams’ colorful illustrations provide an added charm to the book that helps make learning fun!
Book Two of The Land of the Past will focus on dropping the “e” and adding “ed,” and is set to release sometime in late April/early May.
Here is the link to the Kindle Version. The print version will be available Monday, 2/29/2016


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Kolney Hatch: Buried Secrets Release Date is set for 3/8/2016

I’m excited to announce the release date of Kolney Hatch: Buried Secrets which will be 3/8/2016! See the cover image, synopsis, and a video about the book below!

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Love. Lust. Murder. Secrets.

The thrilling mystery continues in this suspenseful sequel to The Secret of Kolney Hatch. 

At the start of 1927, Petunia Pennyworth holds a great secret, and Paul Watson is recovering from the attempt on his life. When yet another murder happens in London, Petunia’s life is set on a downward spiral filled with reporters, whispers, and scandal, while Paul settles into the idea that his worries are finally in the past. Resorting to staying in London and living a simple life, Paul agrees to work for Oscar Baker and tries to progress his relationship with Claire only to learn that a new threat stands in his way.
 When Paul uncovers a letter to his mother from his late Aunt Greta, he feels compelled to return to Whitemoor–to both his Aunt Greta’s cottage and the hidden tunnels of Kolney Hatch. With the help of two persistent London detectives, Wicksy and Barnes, both Petunia and Paul unravel truths so incredible that both of their lives will never be the same.
Check out the video below!