NEW RELEASE! The Land of the Past–Teaching Past Tense | Book One | Doubling the Last Consonant

New Release! Now available on Kindle. Monday, Feb. 29, 2016, available in print! FEBCOVERNEWCThe Land of the Past Teaching Past Tense |Book One | Doubling the Last Consonant

With “ed” as their magical guide, words travel through time from the Land of the Present to the Land of the Past in this fun and engaging book that helps students creatively learn the rules of simple past tense .
The Land of the Past is a teaching tool for students learning the many rules of past tense. Book One focuses on the rule of doubling the last consonant. The back of the book includes two activities for teachers to use to help reinforce the lesson.
The idea for this book was developed by Lauren Milanese, a second grade elementary school teacher. She came up with the idea of “ed” for her students to help them remember the more difficult past tense rules and found that they responded very well. She teamed up with author, Stefani Milan, who writes children’s books and new adult books. Stefani had tremendous fun creating a colorful rhyming story to engage students using Lauren’s idea. Matt Williams’ colorful illustrations provide an added charm to the book that helps make learning fun!
Book Two of The Land of the Past will focus on dropping the “e” and adding “ed,” and is set to release sometime in late April/early May.
Here is the link to the Kindle Version. The print version will be available Monday, 2/29/2016

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