It’s Actually Happening.

“It’s actually happening” were my thoughts when I reviewed my proofs today for the novel. First, I looked at the cover. Loved it!  Although I designed it, the actual proof was the adjusted image by BookBaby. And when I saw the layout of the novel, how beautiful the chapters looked, a sudden burst of excitement ran through me. This book is actually being published professionally. 

I don’t want to forget the journey to this point. Publishing a novel looks easy when it’s all said and done, but this project took me ten years of tears, struggle, and many self-motivating talks. 

Here’s a fun fact: When I made the commitment to finish this novel, I didn’t actually believe that I could. I thought, sure, I like to write, but a full book? That’s never going to happen.

Only when I began to study books like Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Daniel Coyle’s The Little Book of Talent did I slowly realize that abundance is available to everyone and that dreams can come true for everyone. We have no limits, but we sure do set them for ourselves and for each other.

Breaking out of that conditioned pattern was not only difficult, it tested every fiber of my being. There were moments when I felt depressed, anxious, worried and angry; I thought nothing would materialize. Sometimes those feelings would last days or weeks. (My friends probably know this as my hibernation period.) But then I would channel those feelings into the novel or give myself a break. Eventually, I would be my happy self again. 

I believe that success itself isn’t hard to obtain but conditioned thought patterns (either self or societal) can make or break a person. If one tells himself he can’t do something and reinforces it by listening to other’s beliefs about what he should do or observing the failed attempts of the people around him, then sure, he won’t be able to accomplish his goal. But if he sets everyone else’s “rulebook” aside, and follows that inner desire, then miraculous things can happen. 

When I decided that I would finish this book “no matter what,” I suddenly had so many inspiring and positive people in my life who encouraged me to accomplish my goal. I am so thankful to all of those people, and I hope I can be a source of positivity and encouragement to others who would like to accomplish their goals. 

In just a week, I will have the final product in my hands. Thank you again to all those who were there for me from the beginning, during the journey, and now. I look forward to many more published novels in the future! 

xo Stefani Milan xo

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