How does Paul Watson from The Secret of Kolney Hatch fall into Joseph Campbell’s journey of the mythical hero? Well, he’s called to adventure when a murder similar to his mother’s affects him so deeply, he feels the need to leave London. Supernatural Aid? He receives a letter from his friend Amy Rose, who happens to live in Whitemoor, the same town where he is traveling to work for his new job. Threshold Guardians? One of Paul’s mentors is Oscar Baker, who prepares him for life as a doctor. Paul is guided throughout his journey by the “evil one,” though he has no idea that he is being helped. He is tempted by Rosalind, must face his fears, and must try to escape Kolney Hatch. And this is the interesting part. Once Paul is free of the asylum, he is still in his death and rebirth phase, so stay tuned for the sequel of The Secret of Kolney Hatch, where Paul will continue his journey and complete the cycle of the mythical hero! 

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