The Secret of Kolney Hatch

Fast-paced, and full of suspense comes this dual story lined mystery thriller told in prose, letters, and journal entries. Set in 1926 London and the mist-filled Scottish Highlands, The Secret of Kolney Hatch tantalizes readers with each new twist and turn.

Louisa Stilwell is murdered, and the details surrounding her death plague the well-liked doctor, Paul Watson, for they are similar to his mother’s murder. To escape the grief he feels in London, Paul treks to a remote town in Scotland called Whitemoor and becomes the resident physician of Kolney Hatch Lunatic Asylum. Meanwhile in London, Petunia Pennyworth, a notorious gossip, turns sleuth to uncover the details about the recent murder. In this spine-tingling thriller, as Petunia unravels the mystery behind the murder in London, Paul learns that Kolney Hatch, his only refuge, has become his worst nightmare.…/1120084023

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