Coaching Sessions with Stefani

First, let me begin by saying having a writing coach is a personal experience. I have found through coaching that a wonderful friendship flourishes between coach and budding writer. I love helping people achieve their dreams, especially when it comes to writing.

One day, I hope to dedicate my time freely and at no expense to helping others achieve their dreams, but alas, I must pay the bills for now.  🙂

Here is a little more information about my coaching services.

With any purchase of Oh, the Stories You Will Write, you receive at least one-three free coaching sessions. Please send proof of purchase to to confirm your free sessions.

After that, the rates are as follows:


  • Coaching is done by phone or email.
  • Rates:
    • $10.00 a phone session for a half-hour,
    • $18.00 a phone session for a full hour.
    • $5.00 an email session.


  • Sessions are done by email only at this time with a flat $5.00 an email session.


What to expect from your coaching session?

  • Each session is fitted personally for the writer. Here are some of, but not all of, the coaching session topics we will cover. 
    • I will offer motivation and advice for your next steps for writing or publishing your book
    • I will go over areas of writing you feel you would like to improve upon and find resources to help you improve
      • I will also help you break through any blocks (mentally, confidence-oriented, or time-oriented) to help you complete the book you have always wanted to write
    • I am not an editor, but I will read any work you wish me to read and offer suggestions (I can redirect you to some great editors for your book)
    • I will come up with activities to further stimulate your creativity
    • I will guide you to other books that have shaped my, and many of my author friends’ writing.
    • I will be attentive and answer any writing questions you may have
    • I will equip you with resources I use for writing
    • I will give you access to my bonus page that has further motivational techniques for writing (comes free with purchase of Oh, the Stories You Will Write)

Once I book a session, how do I schedule it?

Once a contact form is filled out, I will contact you within one business day. Then, once we  have decided on phone or email sessions, I will request some basic information about your writing goals before we begin. For email sessions, I will ask that you email me exactly what you would like to work on. As an example, if you would like to know how to get started writing a particular genre, be motivated to write, work on a specific aspect of writing, break through a writing block you cannot seem to move through, or for me to read a particular part of your work and receive feedback, please let me know. Then I will offer you to make a payment, and I will get to work, answering you no later than one business day. For phone conversations, all of the above can still be done via email, plus we will schedule a time for your call.

Emails will be answered in a timely fashion, no later than one business day. Email sessions can be scheduled up to three times per week per person. Payments will be due immediately before each session begins via Paypal. 

Phone sessions must be scheduled one week ahead of time. Phone sessions can be scheduled once per week per person for hour sessions and twice per week per person for half-hour sessions. Payments will be due immediately before each session begins via Paypal.

If you would like coaching sessions from me, sign up through the contact form below. Please include if you would like email or phone sessions, what writing topics you would like to discuss, and when you would want to start and finish your session/s.