Activities for Children

Activity Options for I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside

 Activity One: Writing Prompt-Sharing

Children will receive a cat paper cut out, provided by author. The prompt will be to write one time that the student shared a toy or object with a friend, sibling or classmate. Then, the students will color the cat, cut out the paper and glue it onto construction paper.

Activity Two: Writing prompt-Feelings

Children will receive a cat writing prompt. How does the new cat feel when Mr. Kiddles is not willing to share or accept him?

Activity Three: Puppet Activity (1)

Students will make either paper bag puppets or cat stick puppets. With a partner, they will act out I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside story with their partner, by showing how the first cat could have been a little nicer to the second.

Activity Four: Puppet Activity (2)

Author will engage students in a discussion on sharing and being kind and how Mr. Kiddles, the main character of I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside, could have been nicer to the new cat. Then, using the students’ suggestions, the author will act out the new story with puppets.

Activity Five: Author will provide a large cat drawing on paper. After the story is finished, the author will reread the story and stop when Mr. Kiddles, the main character, is saying something that is unkind and not sharing. The author will ask students to take turns coming up to the drawing and writing on the cat how Mr. Kiddles could have been more kind to the new cat.

Activity Six: 15 Scenarios

The author will place 15 scenarios surrounding I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside on cut out paw prints around the room. The author will provide students with a print out of 15 smiling cat faces and 15 sad cat faces. Students will visit each scenario, and circle whether the right, kind decision was made, or the wrong, unkind decision was made.

Activity Seven: Paw print Scenario (Think, Pair, Share)

Students will receive a cut out paw print that has a scenario on the bottom. With a partner, they must come up with a plan for what they would do in that situation.

Activity Eight: HOT CAT Students will sit in a circle around the room. The author will pass around a stuffed animal cat while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the cat will have to say something kind about one of their classmates in the room.

Activity Nine: HOT SEAT One student will be chosen at random and will sit in a seat in the front of the class. While the student is sitting in the seat, each of the other students in the class will go up to the board and write one kind thing about the student sitting in the seat.

Activity Ten: Think, Pair, Share: Students will make a cat stick-puppet with materials provided by author. Students will brainstorm with their partner about ways they can be kind.

Activity Eleven: Letters to Mr. Kiddles

Students would write a letter to either Mr. Kiddles or Tinky with words of kindness, and how acceptance and sharing helps others feel happy. The author will answer all the letters and deliver them back to the school.

Vocabulary for I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside: