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A note from Stefani:

Hello and welcome to my official website. I am thrilled you are here, and I hope you have fun navigating around!

Here is a little about my story.

From a young age, I aimed to entertain. I always tried to make my friends laugh. At six, I would sit on the bus and speak in every accent I could or make goofy faces (Jim Carrey was my hero).

I also had quite the imagination. I have a distinct memory at the age of nine, taking my teal caboodle into the backyard and pretending I was an archaeologist who had just discovered an ancient gemstone that belonged to an Egyptian queen. It is no surprise that I decided to become a fiction writer. My mind was always in a state of creation–even when it came to music. I remember writing wild stories as a child, but if there were any noteworthy ones, I did not keep them. My first distinct memories of my writings were at 14. I wrote songs, which I still have, and a few stories in notebooks which are long gone now. I wrote my first full story was when I was 17. Not quite pleased with the tales of the Jersey Devil, well, truthfully, after walking out of a screening of The Thirteenth Child, I wrote a story that I felt better suited the Jersey Devil. It was a great story, but it disappeared after the computer I wrote it on crashed, and I never saw it again.

I am an actress, song-writer, author, and an artist of many things. I rescue cats, train them, and adopt them out. I am a student of higher consciousness and work in gemstone energy healing on the side with my mom, who is my very dear best friend.

My intentions through my writings are still the same as I was when I was a child: to entertain. So I sincerely hope you enjoy my books, and please, don’t hesitate to drop me a note at stefanimilanauthor@gmail.com.

I wish you love, light, humor, and happiness on your journey.


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